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I'm a Network Engineer with 20+ years of experience looking to transition out of operations and into and exciting, new opportunity.

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What I Do


Networks that miss business needs turn into "won't works". I collaborate with stakeholders, at all levels, to understand business motivators and find the right technological fit for their unique challenges.


Not every journey forward has a well charted path. I work to understand emerging technologies' potential impact to business and operations, in order to work towards exciting new ways of delivering services and enhancing network functionality.


Most stakeholders don't speak networking. Most engineers don't speak to stakeholders at their level. I've honed my lexicon over the years to be able to translate complex networking topics into understandable, relatable, and realistic concepts.


Establishing meaningful understanding of networking isn't simply a book exercise. I actively create content, across various domains, to help others seeking to elevate their understanding of networking and network adjacent concepts. Helping others advance their understanding helps advance my own skillset as well.

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2018 - Current

Senior Network Engineer

Manage Panduit's global data network team. Deliver high priority next generation networking products. Collaborate with business partners on ways to improve their networking experiences.

2015 - 2018
Community Healthcare System

Network Engineer II

Participate on data network team, responsible for advancing network for regional hospital, clinic, and ancilary facilities. Design and implement new technologies. Recommend technologies directly to senior leadership.

2012 - 2015
National Conucil of State Boards of Nursing

Senior Systems Engineer

Maintain network between primary and secondary data centers, as well as general office space. Make recommendations on future purchases. Improve existing processes and systems to enable uptime goals.

2005 - 2012
Community Healthcare System

Network Engineer

Participate on data network team, involved with maintaining system network. Expand usage of modern networking hardware. Spearhead special use case projects.


Purdue University

BS Information Technology Systems

Graduated from the ITS system while working full time in industry.

Various Partners

Technical Training

Participated in training for ACI, ISE, Python, SD-WAN, Cisco Wireless, VMware, QoS, Voice, Security, and many other technologies and products.

Various Partners

Conference Attendance

Attended Cisco Live!, THOTCON, and various other user group conferences.

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  • Networking
  • Creating
  • Translating
  • Designing
  • Managing
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Social Networking
  • Flexibility


CCNP Enterprise

Enterprise Core
Obtained: 13 Jan 2015
Expires: 15 May 2024

Certified Specialist

Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation

Portfolio Highlights

Data Center Rebuild

Data Center Rebuild

YouTube Videos
Netbox Guided Install

Netbox Guided Install

YouTube Videos
Data Center ASMR

Data Center ASMR

YouTube Videos
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